Vintage African Necklaces

Mother’s Day weekend was a dream come true. I finally got a chance to break away from my schedule at the Market to take a trip to the mountains with my beautiful mom. We attended a bead show. And we had fun. There is nothing like the bond I have with mommy! It had been two years since our last shopping spree and we were in heaven.

I purchased many beautiful African beads and I can’t wait to show you all some of the designs that I have created. Out of pure luck I came across a merchant who not only sold beads from India & Africa but he somehow obtained some old African necklaces. Immediately I realized that he had no idea how precious these necklaces were.

I had never been able to touch such intricate, old and priceless works of art until I met him. The necklaces that he sold to me for $50.00 a piece I have only seen in books that shared history and pictures of African tribes. They are put together so intricate. It is evident that they were created with love. I can tell they came from the deserts of Africa because of the layers of dust I cleaned off of them. Three hours was the time it took to clean each piece.

Once finished I was happy to see the leather was still in excellent condition. I already purchased some simple tank tops so that the elaborate necklaces will be the focal point of the outfit whenever I wear them. Until Mother’s Day weekend starting my own Vintage African Necklace Collection was only a dream and now it is a reality. I wonder how I will purchase more necklaces to add to my collection? However it happens I am sure it will be an adventure.