Ways To Stick To Your Shopping Budget

Do you like to shop but need to keep it under control? Well I don’t think your are alone in this love/hate relationship with keeping your wardrobe fly. I have put together 4 basic rules that I follow and want to share with you. Below is my list.

Give yourself a clothing allowance.

You should use 5-10% of your take home pay for your personal and professional wardrobe. Put the money aside each time you get paid. You could even shop every other month that way you will be able to spend more in one go. Invest in versatile pieces. Look for staples that you can wear to work, at night and on weekends. Like a pair of beige pumps or statement necklace.

The key is to look for classic and eccentric pieces that flatter your signature style.  Treat yourself to small luxuries. Little things like lipstick will make you less tempted to splurge on something big outside of your budget. It will still keep your everyday look refreshed and exciting.

Keep track of your progress.

Write down where your money is going every month and keep the list somewhere you can see everyday. I actually downloaded an app from the app store earlier this year that I use to budget my family’s monthly bills. It has been a big help since using it my life has been much easier. I included my own personal budget for shopping. It may sound unbelievable but I have been able to shop more this year than I have in the past three years. And it is all because I am budgeting. I hope this inspires you!