2012 Rediscovering Self

So it’s the end of the year. Some of us may be feeling unmotivated and inadequate in certain areas of our lives. That is a dangerous cycle of negative thought patterns and behaviors. They can sometimes be tricky to overcome.

Isn’t that what each New Year promises? An opportunity to rediscover your love of life. We all must learn to embrace our triumphs as well as our tragedies. These situations provide a boost to our ability to be positive assets to society and to overcome any obstacle. It will interrupt the negative thought processes and could shock us back into acknowledging and loving who we truly are.

When challenging your beliefs have a vision of the future. Be grateful and visualize where you would like to be, what you would like to be doing in the next two years. Then ask yourself what can you do today to get there. Small steps are the best steps because you are engaging the experience every step of the way.

Remember to keep a sense of your identity while working toward your goals. Take time to revive your individuality. Engage in activities that you love and make you feel valueable as a person. Don’t disregard the significance of your talents and gifts. Whatever they are the growth that you desire will blossom from honoring who you are. Let that motivation spill over into the rest of your life.

I am sharing this with you because these are the lessons that I had to relearn this year. The picture above was taken exactly a year ago today on a business trip to Atlanta. As I look at it I couldn’t have imagined how much wiser and grateful I would become a year later. 2012 has been a year of relearning what I already knew but forgot.

Charleston is such a popular destination so I am blessed to operate a successful business. Sometimes I travel with my jewelry but I decided not to travel as much this year. I wanted to stay close to home. Most artists are spiritually connected to their work. It is what fuels their creativity. I needed to feel that good vibration bubbling up inside of me again. The feeling that makes it all worthwhile. The energy that my customers feel when they wear my designs.

2012 gave me the opportunity to go back to the source and connect with that energy again! I was also home to support my 5 year old starting his first year of school. My children were happy to spend more quality time with mommy. Joining the gym was something on my to do list for years. My sister and I had always been into fitness in high school and at USC. I enjoy exercising on a regular basis. It makes me feel good.

Creating a regular fitness routine for myself unlocked so many doors from the past. It allowing healing to occur. I went back to the basics of life. Me! Reaffirming the love I need to have for myself and others each day and that I create and share my spiritual gift because it is my path and purpose.

I have made plans for my business and personal travel that I am excited about next year. For me 2012 will be remembered as the year of honoring thyself and retrieving the true essence of the spirit. I will do my best to honor these thoughts each and every day.