Stripes and Jewelry

Glimmerings of stripes as a fashion trend have been appearing since 2010. Wednesday a friend of mine asked me to write a blog about accessorizing jewelry with stripes. I thought that it was a great idea. Accessorizing stripes requires bold choices in jewelry and many themes have emerged.

My own personal favorite is keeping my jewelry bright but neutral. For more conservative types the easiest way is to wear jewelry that is the background color of the stripes. Another way is to accessorize with solid color brights worn to create the effects of the stripes. You can create this look by wearing multiple bangles together. Accessorize with more stripes.

Mixing colors and patterns are fun. Bold multi colored jewelry and metals are also good options. Adorning an outfit with silver, gold or brass metals can add great contrast. Have fun and mix it up. If you noticed I did not once mention delicate jewelry. Multiple bangles, bold metal necklaces and pendants and bold earrings are the keys to pulling off stripes. The bolder the stripes the bolder the jewelry.

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